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Stainless steel


Stainless steel is an alloy that contains iron, chromium and nickel, and has a very high resistance to oxidation.  Pans crafted from this material have a very delicate sound with a long sustain.  Due to this material’s resistance to oxidation, satainless steel pans are very well suited for a humid environments, but because of the springiness of this material, such pans have lower resistance against impact and thus need a more delicate touch. Due to the existence of chromium, and it’s desire to form protective oxide layers  The instrument will slightly change in color over time, But that change is not harmful to the instrument and is a protective layer of chromium oxide That will prevent the oxidation of iron.


Nitrided steel


Nitrided steel is the product of case-hardening steel using nitrogen, which makes the steel very hard, yet tunable.
Nitrided steel instruments have a clear,  ceramicy tone to them and have less sustain compared to stainless steel instruments.
Instruments crafted from this material have a very high resistance towards impact and stay in tune for longer compared to stainless steel instruments.  Because of a layer of black oxide on their surface they are still resistant towards oxidation, yet not as much as stainless steel instruments.

Yona pan Touch


About Yona


YonaPan was founded by “Farhad Dolatabadi” in 2016, and started making pans that same year using the simplest of tools. Yona means peace, and our logo  Represents the 3 harmonics of each handpan note.
As of now YonaPan is a known brand worldwide, and has experience in crafting pans in most scales and with most materials. Our main goal is crafting a long-lasting instrument with a clear, beautiful tone.

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